Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awesome Chocolate!

It dawned on me recently that there's nothing more common or a natural duo than women and chocolate! In fact they are already married and a loyal couple before our handsome prince comes along. Afterall, chocolate is there for all celebratory occasions as well as the low moments. I feel lucky as I have the best of both worlds as I loved chocolate for as long as I can remember and still can maintain my love affair unrelated to my man who is handsomely chocolate himself! I digress... My last bride recently started consuming a healthy chocolate yes a healthy chocolate! In fact, this chocolate is sugar free, diabetic friendly, has natural anti- inflammatory properties, caffeine free and supresses appetites! We all know chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac to say the least. Amazingly she lost 18 lbs before getting into her wedding gown in two months. She looked gorgeous in a private intimate wedding in Greenwich, CT. The known bass guitarist for the B52's was elated and looked amazing, not to mention the flowers, they were a sleek modern clean look of callas, cymbidium orchids and hydrangeas. I am interested in this natural trio of women, flowers and chocolate. A whole romantic package! What more can a girl want? Maybe diamonds, of course! I will try accenting retail gifts with this chocolate fountain of youth nuggets. Yummm, oh lala!!

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  1. Calla lillies are so beautiful! I still remember the roses that you did for my wedding! I will write about it very soon.

    I am a big fan of dark chocolate, specifically, Gold and Black. It's so good to know that I am indulging in something that is healthy for me! God bless!